What color dress shirt goes good with a dark blue suit?

Question by John Kramer: What color dress shirt goes good with a dark blue suit?
Hey I’m am in a bit of confusion. I have a dark blue suit/navy suit, and don’t know which color dress shirt I should wear. I’m confused between either white or light blue dress shirt. Also for a tie I am looking towards a red striped one or a light blue one. Your suggestions would be helpful.
I meant blue not light blue tie.
Ill have to decide between a blue tie or a red tie with a white shirt. Thanks for your help.

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Answer by Audrey Hepburn
white!!! :)
and tie…hmm maybe red striped maybe no tie :)

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    • Courtney Clark Says:

      white shirt , with a blue tie,
      i think a blue striped tie would look nice

    • NITYA Says:

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      hope it helps